If you've ever tried to learn calligraphy before, you are probably doing what I did:

✓ Creepin’ on Instagram thinking “I could do that!” only to give it a go and totally suck

✓ Googling all day trying to figure out whether or not to use an iPad, or maybe it's better to start with real pens and paper?

✓ Finally deciding to get and iPad, and then realizing that magical device doesn’t make you a better artist

And the reason why you are frustrated is because you are missing a step!

They’re called “basic strokes”, or “drills”- they’re the absolute backbone to learning calligraphy and lettering - and too many people don’t know they exist.

That's why Becca from 'The Happy Ever Crafter' has created a course called 'Show Me Your Drills' and I have created the iPad version of it :)

The next free semester officially kicks off on 28 September 2020 - sign up below to get all the info you need before we start!


I don’t understand- is it all free?

Yes! All you’re signing up for on this page is the calligraphy basics course. You get free workbooks, videos, a Facebook community & more, all centred around learning the calligraphy foundations. After the basics, if you choose to continue, you’ll have the option to buy more advanced workbooks!

If I’ve taken part in a past semester, do I have to sign up again?

Yes! You’ll need to enter your name & email above, so that you’re enrolled in the most recent semester. Otherwise, you won’t get the current semester’s emails!

I don’t use social media. Is this still for me?

Yes, absolutely. We use social media to share photos and progress, but you’re totally welcome to work through it on your own and not share publicly! Lots of people do that.

Which iPad do I need for this?

You can use any iPad that works with the Apple Pencil. The reason why I say this is because the Apple Pencil is what makes all the difference when it comes to practicing calligraphy and lettering on the iPad. It's totally fine to use one of the first generation iPad Pros, or the 2018 6th gen iPad. Really the important thing is that you have an Apple Pencil. There will be a more in-depth video at the start of the free course, where I'm explaining the iPad options in more detail too.

Sign up here: