Hi and welcome to iPad Lettering! I'm so happy you found my page :)

My name is Karin, and I am a software developer, lettering artist and graphic designer. I love brush lettering and modern calligraphy, and I have a special interest obsession in creating realistic looking watercolor art digitally on my iPad Pro.

Since I got my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil at the end of 2015, I started practicing hand lettering and modern calligraphy using the Procreate app. I started with a practice guide and have been practicing pretty much every day since I started because I love it so much! You can find me on Instagram under @ipadlettering, on Facebook, and on Pinterest, and I also have a YouTube channel with tutorials, reviews and anythiig iPad related.

My main specialty is making Procreate brushes - I love coming up with the most interesting and useful brushes for you. To make the brushes, I use both digital and traditional mediums. Sometimes I spend months refining a brush until it has the right feel to it!

I also love making practice sheets! After all it's how I started my lettering journey, and I really find it super helpful to trace letters until I have trained my muscle memory. I also love using them to practice a new lettering style. 

While you are here, you might like to watch some of my tutorials - they should help you get started with your iPad Lettering journey in no time! I will be adding new tutorials on a regular basis - and I have a couple of full length iPad courses coming out later this year. Make sure you subscribe to my Newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first person to find out all about them!

And last but not least - it's definitely worth checking out the FAQ page - a handy list of the most frequently asked question with answers :) 

Oh - and if you wanted to get in touch with me - shoot me a message!

Have fun with your iPad Lettering :)

xo, Karin