Charming Scribbles Font

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***This is the Standard License for Charming Scribbles and grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use the Item to create end products that are *not* intended to be sold. 

For uses of Charming Scribbles that *are* intended for sale, please see the Extended License, which also includes the Charming Scribbles webfonts, available here:

Charming Scribbles is a brand new handlettered font that I have created on my iPad using the Fontself app. I've made this font so that I can update my planner from my phone or from my Mac where the Apple Pencil doesn't work. I wanted it to look like my handwriting :)

But since many people asked about it, I decided to extend the character set, add all symbols and punctuation marks as well as language support and now you can have the font too!

This is an actual font you can install on your computer - and not a Procreate brush! So if you don't feel like handwriting (or you have a bad lettering day - which happens to the best of us!) you can use this handwritten font and still create a beautiful handwritten lettering piece. And of course your planner or journal will always look neat :)

This font is also perfect for displays such as shop windows, signage, branding, social media, packaging, magazine layouts, prints, menus and more! Make sure to click on the images above to enlarge them and see the details.

Charming Scribbles includes ALL symbols and punctuation marks as well as language support (including Te Reo Māori) - so it's a fully featured font that you can use to write anything :)

Make sure to use the OTF version of the font to be able to access all features. 

Multilingual support is included for all Central European languages and Te Reo Māori.