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Are you keen to improve your hand lettering in 2024? Yes me too! I’ve really missed my lettering practice recently and feel a bit rusty. So I thought why not go all the way back to basics from where it all started 8 years ago! The reason why I got better quite quickly is because I participated in lettering challenges where I was forced to write a word every day and then share it on Instagram. It really made a huge difference to my progress. That's why I created these practice sheets with 31 inspirational words for you to practice with.

The practice sheets are designed to practice 1 word per day, for 31 consecutive days. It takes about a month to build a habit, and having prompts for a month will make it much easier to get the habit to stick and get better really quickly!

Each page has a word written in 2 different styles, and a freestyle section where you can play with your own styles and get extra creative :) So you can first practice each lettering style by tracing the word with the supplied brushes, and then try some new styles too. Be sure to follow #inspireWithWords on Instagram for inspiration.

Of course you don't need to do all the words in 31 days - feel free to go at the pace you are most comfortable with :)

Watch the video below to see the practice sheets and included brushes in more details :)

What you will get:

  • 5 Procreate files with practice sheets for 31 words, split into 5 weeks
  • 1 Script Lettering custom Procreate brush
  • 1 Hand Writing custom Procreate brush

These practice sheets will work on any iPad that can run Procreate 5 or better :)


  • Download the practice sheets zip file from the confirmation email you receive immediately after your purchase 
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Open Procreate on your iPad and import the included files
  • Start practicing :)
  • Tip: check out #inspireWithWords on Instagram for inspiration and share your own creations :)


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