3D Series

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This is a brand new set of 8 creative Procreate brushes to create your unique lettering piece. All these brushes have a 'built-in' subtle shadow, which makes your letters stand out from the background and create a lot more depth! Make sure to follow me on Instagram under @ipadlettering for mini tutorials and inspiration about how to use these brushes :)

1) Ant Race 3D. Speckled texture for a rough chalk-like effect. Very very nice to write with.

2) Bristle 3D. Similar to the Bristle and Bristle Ombrå_ brushes, but with a nice subtle shadow.

3) Chalk 3D. Nice and smooth chalk brush with shadow, it's quite a bit more fine grained than the Ant Race 3D brush.

4) Glossy 3D. Couldn't be without this one! I love my standard Glossy brushes, so of course I wanted to make a 3D version of it too :)

5) Marble 3D. The 3D version of my new Marbled brush.

6) Out Of Ink 3D. I did a little happy dance when I finally managed to create this brush. It has been in the works for months because I haven't been able to find the right settings until now! I really wanted to create a brush that looks like a pen running out of ink and the awesome texture those pens create. 

7) Random 3D. This is a super cool brush that came out of my quest of finding the right settings for the Out of Ink brush - truly a happy accident! This brush creates random light and dark streaks to make your letters look different and hand drawn every time.

8) Smooth As 3D. Sometimes it's nice to just use a smooth brush. So I made this one :)

What you will get:

  • Zip file with 8 Procreate brushes
  • PDF document with instructions how to install the brushes on your iPad is here: InstallationGuideiOS11.pdf