Watercolor Florals Painting Set

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More watercolor brushes! This is a set I made specifically to help you paint more detailed watercolor florals :) It contains 8 different painting brushes for leaves and petals, 1 brush to create your own watercolor background texture, and it also has 11 leaves template brushes to help create beautiful illustrations very easily.

1) Loose Petals. Super nice watercolor texture brush with a dried edge effect.

2) Watercolor Petals. My favorite brush of this set! It creates a super nice color blend with different pressure and has an ever so slight paper texture.

3) Watercolor Leaves. This brush is super cool! Use the primary and secondary color feature to see what affects you can achieve :)

4) Textured Leaves. This brush works almost like a real watercolor brush, with texture and gritty edges.

5) Shiny Leaves. Super soft watercolor wash brush to create backgrounds or lettering overlays. More layers and more pressure will build up more color.

6) Petals Wet on Wet. This brush creates a dried edge as you draw!! It's sooo nice.

7) Wet on Dry Brush. Create slight watercolor blooms with a dried edge.

8) Texture Highlights. Use this brush to create a value gradient of colors - it's super nice!

9) Watercolor Paper. Use this brush to make your own watercolor paper background. 

This brushset also includes 11 template brushes to help you paint a varietey of leaves, including: Maple, Oak, Hazel, Red Oak, Monstera, Eucalyptus and more!

Definitely check out my video for instructions how to use the brushes and to see them all in action: Click here to watch video

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