Galaxy Brushes

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Another brushset that has been a long time in the making! Of course we all love painting our galaxies, so I finally got around to putting this set together for you so you can create your own beautiful galaxies easily. The set contains 12 brushes and also a galaxy watercolor template. The included template is also really useful for any other type of watercolor painting you want to do.

1) Ultimate Edge. OK, I admit I feel guilty that I haven't shared this brush sooner. This is my #1 go to brush for most of the things I paint. It's the best smudging brush ever!

2) Nebulas. A selection of different nebula brushes so that you can create many different galaxy looks. The nebula brushes are all pressure sensitive and change opacity and size depending on how much pressure you use when painting.

3) Stars. It wouldn't be a really galaxy without stars - here's 3 different pressure sensitive brushes which scatter little stars around your galaxy, and they become bigger, the more pressure you apply.

4) Milky Way. Little star bursts to create a galaxy dust cloud or the Milky Way :)

5) Moons. Because I love y'all to the moon and back, this brush set also includes a couple of moon stamp brushes.

Here's a video where you can see the brushes in action: 

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