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I know I said 5, but this set actually has 6 Procreate brushes that I have made specifically for Amanda Arneill's Let's Keep Lettering course. In the course, Amanda teaches a bunch of different lettering styles and alphabets, and each brush has been customised to suit the individual styles. There are 2 versions of the Double Line brush - the first one is used to 2 separate lines individually, and the second one called Two Lines draws 2 lines simultaneously.

1a) Double Line. I think this is my favourite new lettering style! It's so much fun because I don't have to be precise with my lettering, it's nearly a case of 'the messier the better'. This brush draws nice soft lines without varying thickness. This is the brush I use when I draw both lines individually to give it some extra character.

1b) Two Lines. This brush actually draws 2 lines! It doesn't create the same nice messy effect as drawing the lines individually, but it's still a very nice brush and makes drawing 2 lines a lot faster :)

2) Extended Script. This brush supports the elegance of this alphabet perfectly by allowing you to easily create the extended lines between letters.

3) Flick. A brush with a tiny bit of opacity change to support the 'flicking' action of the upstroke. 

4) Serif. I have worked on this brush for a very long time until I got it right. It needs to support 3 levels of different thickness variations: upstroke, downstroke and serif stroke, and I wanted to keep it a little bit playful by not making it perfectly smooth. I really hope you like the result!! 

5) Bounce. This is a fun brush perfect for your bouncy letters! It is less formal than the Extended Script brush, but still gives your letters a bit of structure.


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What you will get:

  • Zip file with 6 Procreate brushes
  • PDF document with instructions how to install the brushes on your iPad is here: InstallationGuideiOS11.pdf