Lettering Legends Set

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This is a brand new set of Procreate brushes which were inspired by the 'Lettering Like a Legend' course by Stefan Kunz and Amanda Arneill. Expand your lettering skills with these fun and creative new brushes! They all use the features provided by the new Procreate brushes engine.

Please note that you will need to update your iPad to iOS11 and Procreate 4 to enjoy all the special features of these brushes.

1) Brush Script. If you love the Tombow dual brush pens, this brush is for you! It creates broad brush strokes and works best when used at a slight angle.

2) Canvas Script. This brush is similar to the Brush Script brush, but it has a nice canvas texture and slightly more opacity.

3) Custard. This is a nice creamy-textured brush, feels like custard :D

4) Happy Dots. This brush creates little dots on the edge of your letters, really cute!

5) Happy Dots Extreme. A more extreme version of the Happy Dots brush! It is also more pressure sensitive.

6) Light Sketch. This is a really cool brush to create quick lettering sketches. Rather than using a monoline or pencil brush, you can use this brush which leaves enough room on either side of your letters to trace over with a thicker brush and not run out of room :) It only creates fine lines to give you enough guidance for your tracing without being to defined or obtrusive.

7) Neon Letters. This brush is only very slightly pressure sensitive and gives a cool neon-lettering feel. An easy way to add variation to your lettering styles!

8) Pebbles. I really really like this brush. It's hard to describe how nice it is, but let me say if you like my Modern Calligraphy or Bounce brushes you will love this brush!!

9) Round Brush. A round bristle brush which takes advantages of the new Procreate 4 brush engine to create a beautiful texture.

10) Surfer Girl. This brush was inspired by the wet hair of a surfer girl - wild and unpredictable!

What you will get:

  • Zip file with 10 Procreate brushes
  • PDF document with instructions how to install the brushes on your iPad is here: InstallationGuideiOS11.pdf