Festive Ornaments Vol. I

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This is a set of 14 different ornaments to create your perfect Holidays Greeting cards. The tree shown above was created with some of the brushes included in this set :) The stars and snow flakes brushes are not part of this set, but if you'd like to get them them too, click here.  Make sure to click on the images to see all the details.

These brushes work a little different to the normal calligraphy brushes - they are more like a stamp rather than a brush you drag over the screen. If you are not sure about these you can always try the heart brushes from the Freebie section first - they work the same way :)

What you will get:

  • Zip file with the Procreate brushes
  • PDF document with instructions how to install the brushes on your iPad is here: InstallationGuideiOS11.pdf