Recommended Courses

A list of my favorite teachers and courses

New! My latest course with Amanda Arneill, The Ultimate Guide To Procreate 5 has launched :)

A lot of you have asked me what the best way is to start lettering - and I really think there's no better way than doing a course! Following is a list of courses I have personally taken and/or highly recommend.

Beginner courses

iPad Bootcamp (by Karin Newport & Amanda Arneill)

Do you have an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate but don't quite know where to start? Or you might have started with the basics when it comes to designing on your iPad, but you're not quite sure where to go from there? Let us show you how to unlock the full artistic power of your iPad and Apple Pencil with iPad Bootcamp!

The Ultimate Guide To Procreate 5 (by Karin Newport & Amanda Arneill)

For the very first time, I'm teaching you how to make your own Procreate brushes! After 4 years of daily Procreate use and making over 1000 brushes, it's time to share all my best tips and tricks with you! Brush making in Procreate 5 got a whole lot more sophisticated and complex, but you can take advantage of the knowledge I've gained over the years to avoid all the pain and trial and error of trying to figure it out yourself. Plus we are also covering all other new Procreate 5 features, including the brand new animation tools!

Fresh Watercolor Florals (by Amanda Arneill & Jeannie Dickson)

This is a beginner friendly online course where you will learn to easily, effortlessly and efficiently create your own breathtakingly vibrant watercolor floral pieces that are begging to be framed!

Let's start lettering (by Amanda Arneill)

You’ve seen it on Instagram, all through stores and everywhere you turn. Hand lettering is all over and now it is your turn to join the revolution! What if I told you that I am certain that you can master basic hand lettering? You may think I’m talking crazy, but I know that I’m not! Hand lettering looks easy, but it can actually be very hard. Let’s Start Lettering takes the stress out of learning to letter and leaves you with a new found passion! I make the strokes foolproof and provide you with all of the tips, tricks and knowledge that you need to learn to love lettering too.

Flourish Foundations (by Amanda Arneill)

Free email course by the legendary Amanda Arneill just because she thinks everyone should know how to flourish! With worksheets, practice drills, videos and step by step instruction, this free course will have you flourishing like a boss in only a week!



Intermediate courses

iPad Watercolor Wonders (by Karin Newport & Amanda Arneill)

Take your iPad Lettering & Art skills to the next level! Learn how to create realistic looking watercolor lettering and art pieces that no one will believe you made on your iPad!

Lettering Masterclass (by Amanda Arneill)

Have you hit it? That point, a few months after the novelty of lettering has worn off, when you feel like everything you create looks the same as everything else you’ve created? And even worse than that, it looks like everything everyone else is creating as well? You want to make stunning, complex pieces but there are so many things you have to learn first: layout, composition, more lettering, flourishing, embellishments. The list goes on and on.

Fantastic Flourishes (by Teela from @everytuesday)

Create confident swoops, loops, swashes and curls while integrating them seamlessly into hand lettering.
Not only will you discover the right decorative flourish style for your lettering, you'll also learn the different ways to use and integrate flourishing into your layouts. These techniques are perfect for stationery designs, art prints or specialty hand lettered goods. This class covers everything from the basics to more advanced techniques including full project videos, so wherever you are on your flourishing path, you'll have what you need to push your skills further.

Watercolor and Beyond (by Amanda Arneill)

This is everything you've always wanted to know about watercolor lettering without needing an art degree
Watercolor and Beyond is designed for you if you have some experience with lettering but you want to expand your skill set with brightness and beauty. You may want to be able to offer new products to your customers or friends, create gallery worthy art for your home or other's homes or just add some more color into your life!


Advanced courses

Lettering Like a Legend (by Amanda Arneill & Stefan Kunz)

If you haven't heard of Stefan Kunz, you'll have to check him out on Instagram - he is an absolute lettering legend. And now he has teamed up with another lettering legend that is Amanda Arneill to create the ultimate Lettering Legend course! I haven't been so excited about a lettering course since I have done Amanda's Lettering Masterclass last year. This is going to take your skills to yet another level!
With Letter Like a Legend with Stefan Kunz, you will discover just how much possibility there is when you understand the strategy to quickly and easily learn different fonts and you have a set recipe for how to put these together to create a stunningly composed piece.

Learn Font Making (by Teela from @everytuesday)

It has been a dream of mine to one day make my own font, but I always found it too overwhelming so I never properly started - until now! Teela's brand new font making class is seriously the best online class you'll see in a long time! I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview and I promise you'll love it as much as I do!!
Now we all know that Teela is an awesome teacher - but I think she took it up another notch with this course. She shows absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about front making - including how to sell your font! She earned 40K last year from the 3 fonts she released and now she is sharing all her secrets with us - how amazing!!
Check out all the details by clicking on the 'Find out more' button :)