Paper Texture Brushes

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This set contains a selection of super nice paper background textures so that you can create any size canvas you like with your favorite background!

You can also use the brushes to create a 'torn edge' effect :) You'll see that I have saved 2 different sizes for each brush - use the biggest size to paint the whole page, and the smaller size to create a little patch of paper with torn edges - it's super nice!

Here's how it works:

1) Select one of the brushes and paint the background (paint the whole lot in one stroke to avoid overlaps)

2) Set the blend mode of the background layer to 'Multiply'

3) Create a new layer and move it BELOW your background layer

4) Start painting :)

Here's a playlist with my favorite Watercolor painting tutorials - make sure to check them out for more detailed instructions!

What you will get:

  • Procreate brushset with 12 Procreate brushes