Handwriting Practice Sheets

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Let's practice our handwriting together! Even in this day and age, having neat handwriting is still a very useful and thought-after skill :) I've been a little unhappy with the look of my notes in my bullet journal, so I've decided to create these practice sheets so we can practice together. Regular practice makes all the difference, and I'm so much happier with my journal now!

For more info - watch the tutorial video - it also includes my 5 best tips on how to improve your handwriting in a surprisingly short period of time! 

What you will get:

  • 7 Procreate files with practice sheets for all lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, week days and months
  • 1 Custom Procreate Hand Writing Practice brush
  • 7 JPG files in case you'd like to print the sheets, or practice in an app other than Procreate (works really well in Zinnia or Goodnotes!)

These practice sheets will work on any iPad that can run Procreate 5 or better :)


  • Download the practice sheets zip file from the confirmation email you receive immediately after your purchase 
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Open Procreate on your iPad and import the files you'd like to practice with, as well as the brush
  • Start practicing :)
  • Tip: make sure to create a new layer before you start writing so you are not overwriting the original letters
  • Check out the tutorials section where I have added a 'iPadOS13' video that shows how to install and use the practice sheets :)


  • Start with lowercase and uppercase 'Step1' sheets and practice those first
  • Once you feel very comfortable tracing all the letters, move on to 'Step2'
  • Once you feel comfortable writing the letters freehand, move on to 'Step3'
  • Try and practice for 10-15 mins every day. If you practice every day, you will be very pleased with your improvements after 3 weeks.
  • Don't forget to practice writing numbers too! 
  • The sheets also have all days of the week plus all the months to practice :)