Lettery Set

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This is a set of 5 of my all time favourite Procreate lettering brushes - they are all slightly different and the perfect selection for every lettering occasion!

1) ArtisanThis brush gives your lettering a bit more of a 'handmade' look than the smooth brushes. It has slightly rugged edges and a more oval/round brush tip and works really well for longer text too.

2) Modern CalligraphyThis is exactly the same brush as the Glossy brush, except without the glossy part :) I decided to make this brush because I really like using the Glossy brush but don't want the little highlights. This is the absolute best-seller of all my brushes!

3) Natural Calligraphy. This is one of my all time favourite brushes! It is super nice to write with and gives a slightly rugged edge to resemble a real brush. It's also really nice to doodle with :) 

4) Pebbles. Ahhh, the Pebbles brush :D It's definitely my favourite! It also comes as part of the Lettering Legends set, but for those of you who don't want to get the whole set  I have decided to include it here :)

5) Invitation ScriptThis brush works really well for creating modern style invitations. I have recently created a whole wedding stationery suite using this brush.

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What you will get:

  • Zip file with 5 Procreate brushes
  • PDF document with instructions how to install the brushes on your iPad is here: InstallationGuideiOS11.pdf