Metallics Set

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This is a set of 8 shiny, glittery, metallic Procreate lettering brushes - they are all slightly different with various degrees of shinyness! You will also get a pre-made color palette with a variety of gold and silver tones, plus 2 templates with a couple of different gold and silver patterns.

1) Extra Sparkly CalligraphyNice calligraphy shaped brush shape with an extra sparkly texture. 

2) Liquid MetalThis brush is super cool when used with one of the silver backgrounds! It fades into the glitter for a liquid effect.

3) Metallic Bounce. Slightly rounder version of the Metallic Calligraphy brush and perfect for the 'bouncy' lettering style 

4) Metallic Glitter. Use this brush on its own, or use it to embellish your existing letters with some extra glitter and sparkly-ness

5) Metallic CalligraphyYou know that Modern Calligraphy brush that you love so much? You can now have it with a metallic background!!

6) QuicksilverThis brush is amazing. If I dare say so myself. But in all seriousness - it is super silky smooth and flows extremely nicely with just a touch of texture. Use this brush when you have a bad lettering day for instant happiness, or in general for instant happiness :)

7) Random Sparkles. This brush is a little similar to the Big Sparkles and Tiny Sparkles brushes, except the sparkles are less predictable.

8) Sparkly CalligraphyAnother variation of the Modern Calligraphy brush that you love so much. This time with a sparkly texture :)

9) Paisley. A very cute lettering brush with little swirls that give kind of a paisley effect, works really well on the foil backgrounds.

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What you will get:

  • Zip file with 9 Procreate brushes
  • 2 Procreate templates with gold and silver background