'Canvas' Brush Set

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Important! This is a very large file download - please be patient :) But it'll be totally worth the wait!!

Finally - the canvas brush set is ready!! These brushes have undergone through hundreds of tweaks and months of testing until I was happy with them. This set provides a combination of lettering and painting brushes - and also a pre-made Procreate template with a canvas texture. 

1) Thick Paint. Creates a nice painterly look and makes use of the new individual brush settings of Procreate 4.2.

2) Canvas Streaks. Make sure you try this brush with different colors and on different backgrounds! It uses a different blend mode and creates multi-colored streaks. It will most probably require a bit of trial and error - but the result is sooo worth it!

3) Acrylic. Super nice acrylic-like brush which uses the wet mix brush setting.

4) Wet Streaks. This brush creates a super nice wet streaky texture and is best used with a few different colors.

5) Canvas Wash 1 & 2. Use this brushes to create a nice wash for your canvas. Really helps with getting started quickly so you don't have to stare at a blank canvas.

6) Canvas Paint 1 - 4. These brushes provide really nice random paint textures. Best used as a combination of one or more brushes. Tip: Start with Canvas paint 1 and work yourself down the list :)

7) Canvas Texture. This is the secret brush no one knew about. The canvas texture gets painted on top rather than coming through from the actual background - who would have thought?

Click here to watch a demo video

What you will get:

  • Procreate brushset with 11 Procreate brushes
  • Canvas template