Dessert Series

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These brushes have been a long time in the making! Because there are already so many brushes, it gets harder and harder to come up with new names for them. This time I decided to go with a series of desserts for the names (because everyone likes a treat - right?), and I got the idea last year when I was creating table cards for a wedding and needed a brush with a certain look. So while I was lettering all the cards, I kept thinking about the wedding cake, which was going to be a layer cake. And voilà - the first brush in the series was born.

1) Layer Cake. It's a very yummy cake and also a very yummy brush! This is the brush I created for the table numbers and what I love about it most is the textured edges. If you already have my watercolor template, definitely try using it with that too!

2) Birthday Cake. Make sure you try this brush with different colors and on different backgrounds! It uses a different blend mode and creates multi-colored streaks. It will most probably require a bit of trial and error - but the result is sooo worth it!

3) Hazelnut Creme. Haha, yes this brush was supposed to be name after my all time favorite dessert, but I'm not sure about trademark and copyright rules :P Anyhow - this brush has some VERY nice transitions between thick and thin strokes. Try it with A LOT of pressure a the start of your downstroke, then taper the pressure off and see what happens - it's like magic :)

4) Banoffee Pie. A very smooth brush with a flat tip. Think of it like a brush you would use for sign writing.

5) Melon Sorbet. You can't have a dessert series without ice cream! Or at least sorbet :) This brush has a streaky watercolor-y texture and I use it on top of one of the previous brushes to add the streaky look.

6) Cherry Sorbet. This brush is like the cherry on top! Especially when used with the watercolor template, it creates a heavenly sweet streaky stroke, and you won't want to stop using it.

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