Proceate 5 - Fancy Lettering

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This is my brand new set of Procreate 5 brushes! The Procreate 5 brush maker studio takes brush making to another level and now you can experience all the power it brings us first hand :) This is a mix of super cool brushes I wanted to make for a long time, but was never able to make!

Please note that these brushes won't work in Procreate 4 - make sure you update Procreate before importing the brushes!

1) Stippling. My friend Amanda Arneill gave me the mission to make this brush. And of course I accepted it! This is only possible thanks to the power of the new dual brushes in Procreate 5 :)

2) Stippling Inline. Use this brush to erase any unwanted stipples. It has the same shape as the inside of the stippling brush and makes it easy to clean up if required. Or just use this brush as a normal lettering brush - it's really awesome!!

3) Stipple Dots. Use this brush to add any missing dots to your lettering piece. 

4) Triple Line. When I made the original Dual Line brush, a lot of people were disappointed that they had to write the 2 lines themselves - but not anymore!! Use this brush to create a super nice messy line look.

5) Freestyle. I wanted to make this brush for a very long time, but I wasn't able to rotate the shape source the way I wanted to - until now!! So happy to finally have this super nice modern calligraphy brush :)

Also check out my video where I'm test-driving all the brushes: Click here to watch video


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