Proceate 5 - Watercolor Extension

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More watercolor brushes for Procreate 5! These brushes are taking advantage of the amazing new brush maker studio in Procreate 5 and are an addition to the 'Watercolor Advanced Set'. This extension only includes brushes that are different from the ones you already have, to give you much better watercolor lettering abiities :)

1) Watercolor Dry Edge Lettering. Super nice watercolor texture brush with a dried edge effect.

2) Watercolor Paper Smooth Lettering. My favorite brush of this set! It creates a super nice color blend with different pressure and has an ever so slight paper texture.

3) Watercolor Streaks. This brush is super cool! Use the primary and secondary color feature to see what affects you can achieve :)

4) Watercolor Brush Lettering. This brush works almost like a real watercolor brush, with texture and gritty edges.

5) Watercolor Wash. Super soft watercolor wash brush to create backgrounds or lettering overlays. More layers and more pressure will build up more color.

6) Ultimate Watercolor Brush. This brush creates a dried edge as you draw!! It's sooo nice.

7) Watercolor Blooms. Create slight watercolor blooms with a dried edge.

8) Canvas Paint. Use this brush to create a value gradient of colors - it's super nice!

9) Paper Texture. Use this brush to make your own watercolor paper background. 

10) Canvas Texture. This brush will help you create another watercolor background. Mix and match with the paper texture brush!

Also check out my video where I'm test-driving all the brushes: Click here to watch video

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