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The rainbow brushes are here!! I couldn't be more excited about this brush set!! Almost all my dreams came true! We are now able to create a gradient stroke with a simple change of pressure on the pencil - it's soooo nice :) This brand new Procreate 5 brushset includes my favorite rainbow brushes with a large variety of shapes and textures, so you'll have plenty of options to experiment with.

Please note that these brushes will only work with Procreate 5 - so make sure you update Procreate first!

1) Calligraphy Rainbow. A modern calligraphy brush with a moderate rainbow effect.

2) Fountain Pen Rainbow. This brush is similar to the original fountain pen brush from the 'Real Brushes' set, except that it uses the primary and secondary colors to create the multi color effect.

3) Textured Rainbow. A nice textured brush, of course with a rainbow effect.

4) Acrylic Rainbow. This is my favorite brush of this set! Super nice, slightly streaky effect.

5) Watercolor Rainbow. Watercolor AND rainbow - what else can I say?! It's such a cool brush.

6) Pointed Pen Rainbow. This brush is for your more sophisticated lettering work. It creates slighly thinner lines for delicate lettering pieces.

6) Pastel Rainbow. This brush is a little more faded out to create a dreamy pastel lettering effect. It has super smooth transition between the different colors. Duplicate your lettering layer if you'd like to intensify the effect.

6) Straight Letters Rainbow. This brush is similar to the calligraphy rainbow brush, but it has a different shape source to give you more variety.

6) Glowing Rainbow. A glowing rainbow!! Try using this brush on a black background for an even more stunning effect.

Also check out my video where I'm test-driving all the brushes: Click here to watch video

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