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Important! This is a very large file download - please be patient :) But it'll be totally worth the wait!!

I'm sooo excited about this new brush set!! A lot of new brush specific features have been added to Procreate which now makes it possible to create even more realistic looking brushes. This is the first time that I have attempted to imitate 'real brushes' - and I'm super happy with how they came out :) 

1) Fountain Pen. Probably my favourite brush out of the whole set! It creates beautiful natural looking 'ink strokes' with a slightly random application of ink.

2) Brush Marker. If you love your Tombow Dual Brush pens - this brush is for you :)

3) Karin Brush. Ahh, do I need to say more? These are my favourite 'real brushes', and not just because they have my name on them!

4) Chalk Pen. Procreate comes with a couple of chalk pens out of the box, but I don't like neither of them, so I created a new one. It's a bit crumblier and less waxy and creates a more realistic looking effect.

5) Felt Pen. This brush really reminds me of the Stabilo felt pens I used at school :) It's only slightly pressure sensitive and has a nice smooth texture.

6) Fine Watercolor. This brush is amazing. Use it at a slightly smaller size to emulate your size 2 watercolor brush with the beautiful color and opacity variations you would get from it.

7) Fudenosuke Hard Tip. I actually made this brush because I wanted to have a note-taking brush that makes my less-than-average handwriting look better. And I think it worked! This brush has quite a bit of texture, which hides the little imperfections of your handwriting beautifully :) It makes it very easy to quickly scribble your shopping list in a way that makes everyone envious of your handwriting. It's not too pressure sensitive and lets you write quickly.

8) Fudenosuke Medium Tip. More pressure sensitive than the Fudenosuke Hard Tip brush and less textured. Use this brush for more elegant lettering pieces as it has a smooth edge.

9) Fudenosuke Soft Tip. This brush is the most pressure sensitive of the Fudenosuke brushes and creates really nice thick and thin strokes. It also has a slight texture for stunning lettering effects.

10) Juicy Pen. This is really as juicy as the name suggests! Definitely make sure you use this brush with the included watercolor template to see the beautiful brush effects in all their glory!

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What you will get:

  • Procreate brushset with 10 Procreate brushes
  • Watercolor template