Dream Lettering Brushes

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This set contains my current 'dream' lettering brushes! There's no favorite in this set because I love all these brushes equally :) It pretty much covers all my lettering needs - so you'll see me use these brushes A LOT!

1) Lettering Darling. Use this brush to create fun bouncy lettering! It is very pressure sensitive and will make it easy to create a nice variation between thick and thin strokes.

2) Traditional Calligraphy. I've never made a traditional calligraphy brush before - can you believe it?! So here it is! This brush is also very pressure sensitive, so you won't need to press down too hard to get the traditional calligraphy look you would get with a nib.

3) Inky Fountain Pen. What a fun brush!! This is an absolute must have in your brushes collection. It is a more extreme version of the original fountain pen, and it creates much nicer starting points too.

4) Love Letters. If you were going to write someone and old fashioned love letter - this is the brush you would use. It doesn't have too much variation between the thick and thin strokes, but it creates really nice thin and elegant lines.

5) Modern Lettering. Another must-have brush. It's very versatile for pretty much any lettering project and also really lends itself to lettering you want to vectorise because of the smooth lines it creates. Try it at different brush sizes too!

6) Cute Lettering. I've been using this brush to create the overlay animations in my YouTube videos. I mainly use it for uppercase letters and block lettering, where I 'paint' letters rather than 'draw' them. 

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