3D Gradient Lettering Brushes

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This set contains 3 suuuuper cool Gradient brushes that create a 3D effect - I'm so happy with how they turned out! Choose 2 different colors and then the brush will create a transition from primary to secondary color automatically - it's like magic!!

You definitely want to try all sorts of different color combos. You can vary the strength of the Gradient by selecting more similar colors for a subtle Gradient, and more different colors for a stronger Gradient - it's seriously fun to do!

1) Gradient Lettering Outline. This brush creates a tiny outline of the opposite color and has a bit more structure than the other 2 brushes. It's a super nice lettering brush with a moderate-strong amount of pressure sensitivity.

2) Gradient Lettering Smooth. This brush is the same as the Gradient Lettering Outline brush, except that it doesn't create the outline. This can be handy sometimes if the overlaps are too strong with certain color combos. Definitely try both brushes every time you start a new project to compare!

3) Gradient Lettering Round. This brush has a rounder nib than the other 2 and creates much more of a 3D effect. It's also a little more pressure sensitive than the other 2 brushes, so if you are struggling to create thick and thin strokes, start with this brush.

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