Digital Marbling and Fluid Art Painting Set

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The most relaxing brushset ever!! I've made this set specifically to create digital marbling and fluid art pieces. The recent times have been super tough, and one of the things that has really helped me is creating abstract art. The beautiful thing about abstract art is that there is no pressure to create a certain 'thing' that is supposed to look like the other 'thing', you have much more freedom to just experiment and see what comes out the other end. You can spend as much or as little time on it, and it usually ends up looking beautiful :)

This set includes 9 Procreate brushes and a color palette. I've also made a tutorial where you can see how to use the brushes: Digital Marbling & Fluid Art Tutorial

1) Wet Marble. Use this brush to paint in the colors of your art piece. It's a wet brush which means it will paint and blend at the same time if you have 2 different colors on the screen.

2) Glitter Edge. Use this brush to paint the gold or silver glittery mineral separations.

3 - 7) Snow Grain, Sandstorm, Just Enough Grain, Sand Grain, Very Light Grain. These are all fine grain brushes with varying intensity, starting with Snow Grain which is the most intense, all the way to Very Light Grain which is the least intense.

8) Concreate Grain. This brush is nice if you like a rougher texture and is also nice to roughen up the background.

9) Chalk Grain. Super nice brush to create a large area of texture quickly. 

This brushset also includes a color palette with 3 different color schemes, plus the perfect gold and silver hues that will complement you composition. 

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